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Roma, Provincia di Roma, Latium, Italy
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Some places to see and things to do, close to the center of Roma, Latium:

Points of interest located around the center of Roma, no more than 10-20 minutes walking (distance is displayed in km).

Landmark or Monument: Colosseum (0.9 km) - Pantheon (0.7 km) - Piazza Barberini (1.1 km) - Piazza Venezia (0.2 km) - Quirinal Palace (0.6 km) - Roman Forum (0.2 km) - Temple of Concord (0.2 km) - Trevi Fountain (0.7 km)
Museum: Capitoline Museums (0.2 km) - Doria Pamphilj Gallery (0.5 km) - Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II (0.1 km) - Palazzo Venezia (0.3 km)
Park: Villa Borghese (1.3 km)
Shopping Area: Via del Corso (1 km)
Stadium or Arena: Circus Maximus (1 km)
Theatre: Teatro Argentina (0.6 km)
Train Station: Barberini - Fontana di Trevi (1.1 km) - Cavour (0.8 km) - Colosseo (0.7 km)

Hotels close to the center of Roma, Latium

Hotels located around the center of Roma, Latium , no more than 10 minutes walking (distance is displayed in km).
5 star hotels   Hotel ratingHotel ratingHotel ratingHotel ratingHotel rating (4 hotels)
Grand Hotel de la Minerve - Piazza della Minerva 69, Rome, , Italy
Inn at the Roman Forum - Via Degli Ibernesi 30, Rome, , Italy
Residence Barberini - Via Delle Quattro Fontane 171-172, Rome, , Italy
Trevi Palace Luxury Apartments - Via Del Lavatore 30, Rome, , Italy
4 star hotels   Hotel ratingHotel ratingHotel ratingHotel ratingHotel rating (48 hotels)
Albergo del Sole Al Pantheon - Piazza della Rotonda 63, Rome, , Italy
Barberini Hotel - Via Rasella 3, Rome, , Italy
Barocco Hotel - Piazza Barberini 9, Rome, , Italy
Beatrice Cenci Apartment Rome - Via beatrice Cenci 7/a, Rome, , Italy
Boutique Hotel Trevi - Via delle Muratte 90/92, Rome, , Italy
Colonna Palace Hotel - Piazza Montecitorio 12, Rome, , Italy
Cosmopolita Hotel - Via Di S.Eufemia 5, Rome, , Italy
Daniel's Hotel - Via Frattina 107, Rome, , Italy
Dolce Vita Residence - Via del Mancino 8, Rome, , Italy
Duca D'Alba Hotel - Via Leonina 14, Rome, , Italy
3 star hotels   Hotel ratingHotel ratingHotel ratingHotel ratingHotel rating (104 hotels)
Al Centro di Roma B&B - Piazza Sant'Andrea della Valle 3, Rome, , Italy
Albergo Cesari - Via di Pietra 89/A, Rome, , Italy
Albergo del Senato - Piazza della Rotonda 73, Rome, , Italy
Albergo Santa Chiara - Via Santa Chiara 21, Rome, , Italy
Ancient Bed & Breakfast Rome - Via del Boschetto 15, Rome, , Italy
Anfiteatro Flavio - Via dei Serpenti 130, Rome, , Italy
Anne and Mary Bed & Breakfast Rome - Via Cavour 325, Rome, , Italy
Antica Locanda Hotel Rome - Via Del Boschetto 84, Rome, , Italy
Arco Del Lauro Bed & Breakfast Rome - Via Arco de' Tolomei 27/29, Rome, , Italy
B B Prince Of Campo De Fiori - Via Arenula 41, Rome, , Italy
2 star hotels   Hotel ratingHotel ratingHotel ratingHotel ratingHotel rating (44 hotels)
Camere Corona Rome - Via Palermo 49, Rome, , Italy
Campo De Fiori - De Luca - Via Dei Giubbonari 23, Rome, , Italy
Cardilli Luxury Rooms - Via Milano 49, Rome, , Italy
La Gensola In Trastevere - Via Della Gensola 55, Rome, , Italy
3 Coins Trevi Fountain Bed & Breakfast Rome - Via Dei Crociferi 26, Rome, , Italy
A Via Dei Giubbonari 23 Bed & Breakfast Rome - Via dei Giubbonari 23, Rome, , Italy
Adas Hotel - Via Cavour 233, Rome, , Italy
Appartamenti Gardenia - Via Dei Salumi 36 Trastevere, Rome, , Italy
Appartamento Trevi Rome - Via Santa Maria In Via 18, Rome, , Italy
Arenula - V S Maria de Calderari 47, Rome, , Italy
1 star hotels   Hotel ratingHotel ratingHotel ratingHotel ratingHotel rating (38 hotels)
Al Colosseo B&B - V. Dei Serpenti N°6 Rione Monti, Rome, , Italy
Al Pantheon Con Thomas Mann Bed & Breakfast Rome - Via del Pantheon 57, Rome, , Italy
B&B Roma Central - Via Genova 24 Rione Monti, Rome, , Italy
Campane - Via Monterone 9, Rome, , Italy
Cenci B&B Rome - Vicolo Scavolino 61, Rome, , Italy
City's House Bed and Breakfast Rome - Via della Maddelena 51, Rome, , Italy
Domina Town House Rome - Via di Capo le Case 18, Rome, , Italy
Flora Bed & Breakfast - Via dei Chiavari 13, Rome, , Italy
Le Residenze Romane Rome - Via Della Vite 90, Rome, , Italy
Navona Elite - Via Dei Sediari 8, Rome, , Italy
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Roma geographical data
City Name: Roma
Population: 2,563,241
Region: Provincia di Roma
Country: Italy
Capital: Rome
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Geographic coordinates:
  (decimal degrees)
Latitude: 41.89° N
Longitude: 12.48° E
Elevation: 15 m
Districts: Aurelio, Aventino, Campitelli, Monti, Trevi,
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Streets of Vatican City (Vatican)

Roma weather forecast
Weather conditions:
Wind (speed & direction)
Humidity: (%)
Atmospheric pressure: (hPa)
Cloudiness: (%)
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