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Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
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Magdeburg geographical data
City Name: Magdeburg
Population: 229,826
Region: Saxony-Anhalt
Country: Germany
Capital: Berlin
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Geographic coordinates:
  (decimal degrees)
Latitude: 52.17° N
Longitude: 11.67° E
Elevation: 42 m
Magdeburg weather forecast
Weather conditions:
Wind (speed & direction)
Humidity: (%)
Atmospheric pressure: (hPa)
Cloudiness: (%)
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Magdeburg in different languages

Maagdenburg (Dutch, Afrikaans)
Magdeborg (Occitan)
Magdebourg (French)
Magdeburg (Indonesian, Catalan, English, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Estonian)
Magdeburga (Latvian)
Magdeburgas (Lithuanian)
Magdeburgo (Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Aragonese, Esperanto)
Magdeburgu (Albanian)
Magdeburgum (Latin)
Magdeburk (Czech)
Μαγδεβούργο (Greek)
Горад Магдэбург (Belarusian)
Магдебург (Macedonian, Bashkir, Ossetian, Serbian, Russian, Komi, Ukrainian, Bulgarian)
מגדבורג (Hebrew)
ماغديبورغ (Arabic)
ماگدبورگ (Persian)
माक्देबुर्ग (Marathi)
मागदेबुर्ग (Hindi)
มักเดบูร์ก (Thai)
მაგდებურგი (Georgian)
マクデブルク (Japanese)
马格德堡 (Chinese)
마그데부르크 (Korean)